Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer who contributes time and efforts to enrich a child’s school experience you truly exemplify this years PTA motto “All Children Are Our Children”.  With many diverse committees that welcome your unique talents, and opportunities to help in the classroom and around your school, you can choose what suits you best.  And if you need help finding the right fit, or just want to know more about your school and how to get involved please email me, your school-wide Volunteer Chair, at WilesPTA.volunteers@gmail.com and I can help you get connected.

The best way to get started is by filling out an Alachua County School Board Volunteer application here.  

You must have a completed and approved application on file before volunteering on school campus.  You should receive an email upon approval of your application letting you know you are ready to get started.

Below you will find a list of 2017-2018 committees that would love to hear about your interest.  Each committee will be holding an introductory meeting a few weeks after school commencement to provide you with an overview of its purpose, goals, and tentative schedule for involvement.  Anyone interested in being a part of these committees in any way is encouraged to attend.  Details regarding dates/times of these meetings will posted via social media and sent home during the first few weeks of school.  There are many ways you can help and being available during school hours is not a requirement.

PTA Committees (open to anyone seeking involvement)

  • Wildcat Appreciation:  The goal of this committee is to honor our teachers and staff on a monthly basis for their hard work and dedication with luncheons, drop-in events, and tokens of appreciation contributed by both the school community and Wiles PTA funding.  Parent involvement is a must to make these much loved events possible, but much of the prep and pre-planning for the events can be done from home or outside school hours.
  • Spirit Events Committee:  This committee organizes fun social meet-ups at local area businesses who contribute a percentage of the profits from those attending back to our school.  The funds raised from these events are then used by the PTA for school improvements.  Help support our local economy and show your school spirit.
  • Wildcat Dads:  If you’re a dad and looking to be more involved in school activities this is a great place to get connected.  This committee plans social events and sporting activities for dads and their kids to participate in together.  They even have an annual Chili Cookoff!  Bring your new ideas and see what they have brainstormed for this year.
  • Morning Mile:  Get your kids moving before a day in the classroom.  Come help this committee create healthy kids.  Running begins at 7:15 and parents and volunteers are always welcomed to help cheer kids on, supervise, and track their progress.
  • Yearbook Committee: Just like it sounds, contribute, create, and make memories that last.  If you have graphic skills or photo fluency than this is the committee for you!
  • Ways and Means:  This is a great way to get to know what goes on around your school.  On this committee you will have opportunities to help with Family Fun Day, Boosterthon, Square One art, and other important staples that raise the majority of funds for necessary school improvements.  The most recent of which is the new Playground equipment brought to you by Wiles PTA fundraising.
  • Membership:  This committee helps raise awareness of PTA goals, visions, and future plans along with seeking new membership to enrich the organization, our school, and most importantly, our children.


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