Morning Mile

WHAT:      A before school walking/running program designed to let students begin each day in an active, healthy and fun way.

WHEN:       The program will begin in August 2018.

TIME:        Each morning, Monday thru Friday from 7:15 AM to 7:35 AM

WHERE:     The students will gather on the P.E. field and will walk or run as many .10 mile laps as they want to or can.

WHY:    To promote an active, healthy lifestyle starting at a young age

WHO:        All students are invited

COST:       Free

Coach Peterson and parent volunteers will staff the program. The students will attempt to complete as many laps as they are comfortable with each morning. The laps will be totaled and the students will be rewarded as they accumulate miles. Providing children the opportunity to exercise each morning not only works to fight childhood obesity, it allows students to expend youthful energy on the field leaving them more likely to sit still and focus once the school day begins. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and Wiles Elementary is thrilled to promote fitness and all the great benefits that go with it.

For more information about The Morning Mile please visit or join the MorningMile facebook page.

Parents are welcome to participate with their children or volunteer in the program. For information on how you can get involved, please email Pamela Korithoski at


  • Students will complete as many laps as they are comfortable with between 7:15 AM and 7:35 AM. Each day, the number of laps completed that morning will be recorded and transferred to an accumulating database. 10 laps equals 1 mile.
  • When the student reaches a total of 5 miles, he or she will receive a necklace chain with one colorful sneaker charm. They will continue to receive one sneaker charm for each 5 miles completed. Students will also receive a number “100” charm for every 100 miles they complete. Yes! Many students will complete several hundred miles!
  • Students are encouraged to wear their Morning Mile achievement necklaces to school.
  • Students who are currently on campus prior to the first bell will be encouraged to participate.
  • Parents wishing to walk/run with their child are encouraged to do so.
  • The students will often be walking/running to age appropriate songs played in the field.
  • Attend as many days as you like… there is NO minimum required.
  • We encourage a 7:15 AM start, but as long as you have time to complete one lap, you can join in anytime you arrive.
  • There is NO minimum lap count required. Even the youngest students can accomplish great things a single lap at a time.
  • Weather restriction: The Morning Mile will NOT take place in a thunderstorm.



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